Venetian Masks have been the highlight and integral part of the Venice Carnival – a time for celebration for all social classes.

Wearing a Venetian Masks allows for the wearer to remain anonymous meaning they can go to high profile events even if they are of a much lower social class. Way back when, social classes were much more defined and strictly adhered to, this festival allowed anyone to hide their identity including origin, age, gender and even religion.

In the 17th century, wearing a Venetian Mask was considered to be a status symbol, but it was actually forbidden to wear masks outside carnival time and other specific times as well as in sacred places – for example religious places.

Venetian masks come in all different styles – some for more fancy occasions, others portraying different emotions to alter perceptions. Originally made from leather, porcelain or glass they had a more practical and symbolic function whereas now they are often made from papier-mache and lavishly decorated with jewels, gems and feathers.

Full Face Masks

The full face venetian masks in our shop are ultimately pieces of art – hand decorated by master craftsmen in Venice, Italy. Although they can be worn as part of a Venice carnival event, they are more popular with our customers for decorating their home. A great addition to any wall and a great talking piece at dinner parties.

Eye Masks

Venetian Eye masks (masquerade eye masks) are a lot easier to wear and still hides the wearers identity – however, allows for eating and drinking at parties. These masks are also intricately decorated and add glitz and glamour to any party. Eye masks are popular with masquerade parties and events including weddings. Eye masks come in lots of different styles from the traditional venetian mask to more modern styles.

Two Heads Together

The two heads together masks are also a great talking point between friends and are great displayed on your wall, however, they also tell a story. At the Venetian Carnival you would be able to switch between emotions – depending on which mask you have on at that time, enabling you to show others how you feel easily. This venetian mask is quirky and definitely a centrepiece to enjoy.



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