Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year, up there with birthdays, Christmas and the new year – but why do we like it so much? Why, because of the fun, the costumes, the masquerade parties and the imaginative. With Halloween – excitement is key.

The first taste of Halloween was when we were little ones, and we created our own costumes to go trick or treating. Since then it’s become an annual point to look ahead to. With Halloween coming ever closer, people are wondering what on earth they should dress to celebrate this wondrously spooky time. But why not take a look at some of the Halloween and gothic-themed party suggestions that we have in store for you today.


A great place to begin the fun is by setting a budget. Sit down and have a look at how much you are able to spend on your Halloween masquerade party – what kind of a budget your organisation isn’t willing to spend. While it might seem like a pretty boring thing to do, however, if you skip the step it means that you’ll be limited to what you can do with your party.


A Halloween masquerade seems like a very straightforward theme, there is however a great deal of stuff you can do with it. You can play with the motifs as well as focusing on a scary element for example spiders or bats, or even a sci-fi themed Halloween party where guests have to wear robotic and metallic masks. Or, you can choose the more traditional route, here are some ideas to assist you with coming up with the Halloween theme.

A creature theme, with an all-black colour palette and focus on night creatures.

A ghostly ghouls theme which could focus on the ghosts and consist of the white and ghostly colour palette.

Eerie carnival theme, the focus is the costume and masks, the scene is set up like a haunted medieval Venice.


The next step is to decide on the budget and theme of the party. Get ready – it’s time to start planning. Sit down with a calendar in front of you, walking your way back in time to the date of the party. 

  • Send out invitations
  • Book venue
  • Booking entertainment
  • Menu tasting
  • Making decorations

Make sure you include as much detail as possible for each and every item.you can also plan to do everything needing to be done for the party, getting it all completed in a day might seem like a good idea but it’s actually not realistic.

Food and Drink

When planning the Halloween masquerade party, the food and drink is such an important aspect to consider. As such all of your guests need to be wearing masks. You want to make sure that all the food will be easy to eat. We advise rather than making themed, tacky spooky food, that we instead recommend that you make a few delicious cocktails and buffet and food trays – all keeping the theme.


It can be a bit of a challenge to entertain a group of grown adults, you’ll want to get their attention with something unique and creative. You also want to keep the momentum, for the party going right-aligned until the end of the night, here are some ideas for how to keep your guests entertained. 

  • Live music
  • Games
  • A Show
  • DJ

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