Italian style can be introduced into your home very easily and one of the most common things that comes to mind are Venetian Masks. 

Venetian Masks are highly decorative, sometimes with glitter, sequins, feathers and foils. Our venetian masks at Italian world come straight from Italy and are handmade by master craftsmen there, so you know that when you are buying a mask from us that it is authentic Italian.

In the UK we don’t celebrate the Venice Carnival but some do buy Venetian masks for other purposes like masquerade balls or as home decorations. It’s becoming more apparent that customers are choosing to use their Venetian Mask as an accessory in their home and there is no reason why you can’t too!

It’s really easy to display your mask on a wall and we are going to let you know how. 

Hanging a Venetian mask is much like hanging a picture frame. First you need to decide exactly where you want your mask to go, hammer in a nail, and voila! It’s really very simple. Below are some tips to help you perfect your new wall decoration.

Use Wires or Cord

Most Venetian masks come with ribbon that allows you to fasten to your face. We recommend using something a little more sturdy such as wire or cord. This can be easily replaced instead of the ribbon and will make your mask sit in the perfect position. 

Use a Mask Hanger

For larger masks such as the two together or full face masks with feathers, we recommend using a mask hanger. This is one of the easiest ways to display your mask on a wall as it is specialised for purpose. You will either find them made of plastic or metal and are available in most costume shops and online. Simply screw to the wall and hang your mask without a fuss.


Your new wall decoration can be so much more than a mask. Why not use an empty picture frame to frame your mask. This is a fun way of adding more razmataz to your wall and really giving it that centrepiece feel it deserves.

So, if you think that your wall deserves a little bit of an uplift why not consider something different like hanging a Venetian Mask instead. We have a range of different masks in different sizes and colours so check them out! 

Important Notice

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