We’ve spoken before about the significance of the different faces that are displayed on full face Venetian masks in the past – how they all represent a character from Venetian culture. However, the colour of your mask can also reflect your personality and style to reflect your own too.

We’ve put together some colour variations and what connotations each colour has as well as how you can use this to your advantage.

Raunchy Red

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, this colour represents sensuality, vigour and energy. If you happen to be single this colour is for you. It is a great statement if you are looking to meet new people and stand out from the crowd. You could send out the right message by wearing a subtle Venetian mask but with a not so subtle colour like red.

Mysterious Black

Whilst black is usually associated with negativity, it also bears a strong connection with mystery, authority, and elegance. 

Pure White or Silver

White has been associated with purity for centuries. Silver is the more glittery version of white and the reason we have put these two together is that masks in white or silver are usually worn for masquerade themed weddings and symbolize elegance and purity – perfect for a bride.

Regal Purple

Purple has always been the colour for royalty in Christian traditions. The significance of the figure wearing the mask is best highlighted with a matching purple robe.

Rich Gold

Gold also represents elegance and regality. Those who opt for a gold mask really can’t go wrong! A gold mask represents high stature and prestige, only the confident few can pull off this one. Combine this mask with a neutral coloured outfit for the best effect. 

At Italian World we have a wide range of Venetian masks available from half face masks to full face masks – there’s plenty to choose from. 

Have no party or event to go to but still want a mask? You can still own a mask without needing to wear it. Many of our customers display their masks on a wall to showcase them and make a statement within their home. Take a look at how to display your Venetian mask for some ideas.

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