Whether it’s a memory that you want to cherish forever or something that caught your eye whilst shopping – we have come up with some unique ways in which you can display your mask at home.

Let’s face it Venetian masks alone bring pazazz with their highly decorative features and it would be a shame to leave it lying around in a drawer or a forgotten corner. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your mask for years on end by making it a centrepiece in your home.

Wall Hang

One way, favoured by many, is to hang your mask on the wall as if it were a cherished photo. Simply tie the two ribbons together, hang on your picture hook and your good to go.

Frame It

Another way you can display your mask is to use a framed box. You may find these as a set of 3 in varying sizes. These are a great way to showcase your prized possessions and make a statement in your home.

Cluster Displays

Some of our customers like to collect Venetian masks, so what better than to create a cluster display. Cluster displays are perfect for displaying more than one mask and other objects like plates to give your walls the wow factor. Your Venetian masks may be from a cherished memory such as a masquerade ball or wedding event so theming this together with perhaps your ball ticket or other wedding memories is a great idea.

Light It Up

To really make your masks special why not add lights too. There are a whole host of different lights out there and LED lights are so versatile nowadays. From changing colours, brightness and the option of battery or wired connection it’s really easy to make your display sing even at night.

Festive Decor

We’ve seen more and more people use a whole host of different objects whilst decorating their tree at Christmas, with one being a Venetian mask. Venetian masks are highly decorative and can make your tree sparkle with their gold and silver embellishments – the perfect ornament for your Christmas tree. 

So why not give one of the above a go and make your room a memorable one. 

Important Notice

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